Posted by Karen Hadfield
29 September, 2013

October news…(well, it’s nearly October…)

Room shots 016

It has been a busy time in the desert where luckily we are unaffected by the debacle of when daylight saving ends in Morocco…where we are, the sun still rises and sets as usual and really it doesn’t matter if it’s 7 or 6…

we have just said goodbye to 2 artists who made good progress, sometimes producing work they did not expect… here’s what one of them had to say; “thanks for spoiling us and giving us the opportunity and space to work on what we needed. It will take some time to digest the experience, it turned out beyond my expectations thanks to the great place you have created there, it will have a huge impact on my work.”

I am now in Fes about to bring another 5 artists to our home in the sand and I am very excited to be hosting such a diverse and interesting group. We are welcoming artists from New York, Japan, Australia and Morocco so we are in for an interesting exchange over the coming weeks.

We have another program starting this month, our Weaving the Way kicks off with a group organised by the indefatigable Rita Lazauskas and her Amazigh Cultural Tours. They are coming to us for a hands on weaving experience with the Bouchedor Family. Will report on that later…

We are still offering big discounts on our January writing retreats with jan Cornall and Linda Cracknell so I hope you will sign up for this – or tell your friends…we need you and you need this experience! Get in touch and sign up…there are only 4 places left for each…



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