Posted by Karen Hadfield
10 January, 2014

Happy New Year…and anniversary


I can hardly get my head around the fact that it is exactly four years to the day since I first came to this part of the world – just a three day sojourn into the desert that started with a camel ride and ended up with a plan to start this venture that is now Cafe Tissardmine. I do not regret a thing except being embarrassed that my grasp of tashlehiyt (the regional berber dialect) is still woeful! I am able to converse a little bit but the tongue and mouth muscles struggle to make the sounds and shapes required – at least we all laugh a lot at my sad attempts.

On the first of January 2014, Fatima, wife of Hassan and sister-in-law to youssef gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Ismael – what a great way to start the new year – all are doing well, we had the naming day a couple of days ago – much eating and ululating naturally!

A baby girl, Raquia, was also born in the final days of 2013 to Msaha, niece of Youssef, we wish them a safe and happy life.

It is also now officially another New Year; according to the Amazigh calendar, the year is 2964 and is gearing up to be a fruitful one.  We hope to see you here soon.


Cheers and welcome


Karen and Youssef

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