Posted by Karen Hadfield
03 April, 2014

February and March news…

There are some birds that have started to appear at Tissardmine – they are quite small and with a tail like a swallow (I am not a bird expert!) They come inside the house and bunker down each night for about three nights… Apparently when they arrive it means rain is on the way. they came about three weeks ago and we got the biggest rain I have ever seen – the camp was flooded, my room flooded and it was soggy for days. Well, they came back today so we are preparing for another deluge. The sad part of it is that once the rain comes the birds die, you see them dropped dead on the ground all over the place – it is very curious.

Lucky the lamb, born on Australia Day is nearly weaned and is very fat! Youssef teases me that we should eat her, but this one is not for the slaughter..two more lambs were born a week ago, one very poorly but with a bit of TLC she is coming good – sadly she is quite blind and bashes into walls every now and again but it doesn’t stop her frolicking around with her sister. We took the big Ram to market – I think he was bought as a stud as he was far too old and big for providing good meat – he has sired at least six lambs maybe ten (hard to tell!) so he is a good breeder…


Safi is safi!


We have just installed a new vegetable garden, planted melons, sheep food, lots of herbs, chillies, turnip type things, eggplant and some sunflowers – not sure if they are all right for planting now but we are giving it a go! The trees are all fruiting with figs and almonds and olives which is amazing to me! photos…

IMG_0066 IMG_0065 IMG_0064 IMG_0063

On the guest front we have just finished our March Artist in Residence and it was so fantastic, we are blessed with the great people that find us and come and embrace the whole way of life here. There exists a magic at Tissardmine that defies explanation but I am so glad it is here…we had two exhibitions in our new white cube from Mirjam and Anne-Laure…some photos…

IMG_2600 IMG_2591

I don’t think I have cooked so many meals for so many people in all my life but have found I rather enjoy it. I listen to my podcasts of uk and australian arts shows as I cook and as long as I don;t have to wash up – all is good!


After waiting to get our plans approved, work has finally begun on the new community centre at Tissardmine. We wanted to make a space for the whole village to be able to use for community projects and one that was big enough to accommodate visiting services such as medical and dental. We are also planning a community garden and cold store…more news on all of this to come…

IMG_0072 IMG_0077

I say this part shyly…have just bitten the bullet and joined Trip Advisor so if you have been to stay and would like to write some words about your experience to share with the world please go ahead – hopefully they will be good words!

Shukran, Karen

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