Tissardmine…and beyond

We are aware our artist program is getting the lion share of our attention, it is after all why we began this place but we have not forgotten about the creative spirits who want to travel off the beaten track and get back to a time when life was simple and uncluttered…we are here to help.

We can help you from the start with advising on an itinerary that begins from the time you step off your plane or boat. We can hire you cars, suggest places to stay – even if you don;t want to come to us! (but of course we hope you do…). Once you get to Tissardmine you will be sleeping in an adobe room with private bathroom and shared courtyard. The time of your visit will need to fit with our residency dates so please dont be offended if we cannot accommodate you, there are plenty of lovely hotels nearby and you are always welcome to come for lunch.Room shots 063


At Tissardmine you will be remote – no internet, no telephone signal or stress…


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