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Situated in Morocco at the edge of Erg Chebbi, one of the largest sand dunes in the Sahara, Café Tissardmine is a unique guesthouse and artist retreat providing a creative oasis for artists and travellers amongst the desert’s beauty, grandeur and stillness and the culture of the indigenous Berber people.

Tissardmine is a secluded, tranquil destination for anyone seeking an escape from the noise of the world. It has been created by Australian artist, Karen Hadfield, and local Berber Youssef Bouchedor. With the realisation of the desert’s potential for creative inspiration and tranquility, Karen and Youssef bought an old ruined building in Tissardmine, and slowly breathed new life into it. Karen’s artistic expertise is accompanied by Youssef’s incredible knowledge of the desert.

You can find plenty of large hotels in the desert with air-conditioning and swimming pools but if that is not your cup of tea then Tissardmine may be for you.


the courtyard

Cafe Tissardmine comprises a two bedroom mudbrick guesthouse with Salon and library,

a 5 tent camp

and a recently completed 4 bedroom guesthouse with a courtyard garden . The tents are made in the traditional berber way from camel and goat wool, but there is a twist as we have added en-suite bathrooms.

Room shots 074

Room shots 021

Our aim is for our home to be your home for the time you are staying with us. Living is basic but we have not forgotten to add some little luxuries like hot showers…

Room shots 020

We are totally solar powered and keep the way of life here simple. Most of our cooking is done on open fires and we encourage you to learn the berber way and join in.

If the peace and quiet of our homestead is not enough, we also have a satellite camp. If you choose to stay there, you will be provided with all your food and water, which will be replenished everyday; a bush shower; wood for your fire and all the isolation you desire. Needless to say it is perfect spot for adventurous honeymooners.


Cafe Tissardmine is a great place to stay if you are interested in Geology, Bird-watching, Fossil hunting or Astronomy. We have an amazingly vibrant birdlife. The land is rich in fossils from a time when the area was under the sea. If you are interested in star gazing you will not find a place like this with almost zero light pollution.

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